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✨ Guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and feel the warm fuzzies. ✨

Cozy Juicy Real was fully funded on Kickstarter! 🥳

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Cozy Juicy Real may lead to stronger friendships, feelings of belonging and fits of laughter!


14 – 114


3 – 8


60 – 120*

*Conversations may run long into the night 

Our Mission…

We believe in the power of amazing conversations.

Conversations that lead to moments of true connection, either with a friend or a stranger – that’s what we live for.

But those moments can be hard to come by.

So, we created a board game to help spark curiosity, that gives everyone an opportunity to feel more connected – to each other and to themselves…without it being forced or cheesy.

Game Board

“Sooo what do those random adjectives mean??”

We’re so glad you asked!

Cozy Card
Cozy Question

COZY CARDS are light, fun questions that give others a peak into your world.

JUICY CARDS get you exploring the universal human experiences that connect us all. Questions revolve around nostalgia, wishes, and bad-then-but-funny-now stories.

Juicy Question
Juicy Card
Real Card
Real Question

REAL CARDS challenge you to get more vulnerable with thought-provoking questions that shine light on your beliefs, values, and identity.

You’ve also got…

RANDOM CARDS are challenges and activities that get the whole group moving in fun, competitive and playful ways.

Random Question
Random Card


Lightning Card
Lightning Question


The game ends when the first player reaches the lightning bolt.

This also triggers the bonus Lightning Round – (our fav!) – where each player takes turns drawing a card from the Lightning deck.

John Powell

“This was such an amazing experience! We really connected so fast. I was seen, and I actually heard what the others were saying. The game made it easy."

Stacy Horsley, UX Designer

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